Sunday, 14 June 2009

ABAA - Shells & Vintage layouts

As everything revloves around my vintage scrapbooking these days this is my entry for ABAA I have so many pictures to do I knew I would be able to find one to fit most themes.

This one is of my Dads 2 sisters on the beach at Whitley Bay. Those bathing costumes look fab, very different from the ones girls wwear now hehehe.

This is Edna and Jennie, and this picture is the start of the new images I have just inherited from the other side of my family. Now I am working with both sides of the family and I have just bought the 4th album for my vintage collection. I am so pleased with how quickly they are coming together, although I cant say the same for the pile of ironing.....

These pictures are of my Mam , Jean when she was younger, I enjoyed this layout , loved colouring all the butterflies with distress inks.

I think my camera must need charging as the colours do look as vibrant as they should.

This is May Gray, she was the daughter of my Grandfathers sister Annie, May used to enjoy performing on stage just like her cousin Amalia (shown in prvious layouts)

I used a stencil and distress inks to make the flowers on the page.

The last page is of my Grandmothers 2 sisters and her brother in law.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Coming Together Nicely..........

I cant believe how much time has passed since I posted......SORRY......

I thought when I separated my vintage album into 3 separated albums I would have some space to carry on working on my pages, I cant believe that I only have 2 pages to do and one of those albums is full.

I was also very pleased to have found an incredible amount of new vintage photos at my cousins home ( who is the son of my dads sister) , these ones are from the other side of my family opening up a very exciting collection.

Again they are dating back to the 1800's and I cant wait to start working with them.
The family history is really taking shape and it fantastic to be able to put faces to all the names and little stories about them all. It is very interesting and my books have spurred aunts to look for more photos for me to work with which is great.

I am sorry that I havent managed to blog very much lately , I must try and get caught up, but I must admit its hard as this project is consuming alot of my time, but well worth it as its making a brilliant collection of albums for my family and my grandchildren.

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Dire Straits, Why Worry

Dire Straits was Hannahs Dads favourite group.

Recently a friend mentioned she had seen Mark Knopfler and she had been lucky enough to get some great photos of him.

His favourite album was Brothers in Arms and he always loved the song "Why Worry".

It seemed quite fitting as it was his birthday, to make a layout for Hannah for her memory album replicating the cover of the albm and incorporating some small photos of her dad with the photos of Mark Knopfler.
Im sure looking down from heaven....or wherever he is, he would be pleased with the layout as Hannah is unable to send him a card.

She will keep this in her album as a reminder of his birthday and also his favourite band and album.

Happy Birthday Dave wherever you are ........

This is brilliant , i love it !