Monday, 28 November 2011

The Scrapbook Garden - Christmas Cards

This is my 7th and final project for this months design kit for
A couple of cards and Im really pleased with the results.

I used the last scalloped square left over from the other projects
that i had painted with the gold dabber.
Made a traditional Santa with a rubber stamp and some red
glitter embossing powder

I cut pieces of Bazzill Rain Forest for the backing for each card
and then cut pieces of Authentique 'Awe' and 'Curiosity'
 and added it to the dark green bazzill rain forest.
Then adding the nested scalloped and the embossed santa
to the first one with some holly punched pieces with red stickles glitter berries
and a strip from the Authentique Noteables and finished it off
with some ribbon
For the 2nd card i added a stamped vintage car and a stamped christmas tree
with the noteables strip and punched holly as before and a small red bow
to finish it off.
And thats my 2 cards .....
As Ive now put up my Christmas decorations since the first post
for this months projects I though you might like to see some
photos of the things Ive made as they now are mixed in with
my decorations
The bird house hanging in the tree.......
The wooden blocks on my window sill.......

The advent drawers and the letter 'J' ..........
The little angel on my mantlepiece........

Everything looks lovely and of course the cards will go to someone special
and the gift bag will house a gift for someone too.

Thank you for stopping by my blog as always its much appriciated .

I hope you have enjoyed reading these posts as much as ive enjoyed working with this kit and sharing what Id made with it.

Thanks again and have a lovely week.

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Scrapbook Garden- Wooden Blocks

This is my 6th project for this months design kit for
I love making these decorated wooden blocks , and with these papers
these ones have to be some of my favourites.
I started with 3 pieces of wood , quite similar in size to each other.
( Thank you to my friend Pauline , who keeps me supplied with wood
from her wood store for her fire)
As I was covering the back and front with paper I only applied
gesso to the edges of the blocks.

Next using my gold dabber i painted the edges
Next I added double sided tape to all of the edges back and front

Using plain Bazzill Kraft I covered all of the backs of the blocks
The fronts I covered with Authentique  'Curiosity' 'Awe' and 'Surprise'
trimming the edges with a craft knife.

Next using some double sided tape I attached some ribbon from my own stash

Once again using the gold dabber I coloured the remaining
Using the smallest one ( the other I kept for my next project)
I placed it over a red embossed December calendar stamp

I attached a punched out holly leaf cut from Bazzill Rainforest
and a drop of red stickles to make the berries.
Using the strip quotes from the Noteables
I added them beneath the ribbon
Using some rubber stamps of my own
which fitted the Christmas theme I added them to the blocks
as finishing touches

And there you have it.

I enjoyed making these and they are really easy .
They make very cheap ornaments and its a great way of using up the scraps from other projects.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, as always its much appriciated .
Hope you have a lovely weekend , I seriously need to rest Im beginning to feel burnt out.

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Monday, 21 November 2011

The Scrapbook Garden- Square Gift Bag

This is my 5th project from this months design kit for

My friend Shelagh kindly gave me this template to make these fab little gift bags.
The template is too large to be able to cut 2 pieces from one 12 x 12 paper
but as these papers went so well together it seemed fine to do a plain back and a contrasting front.  I used Bazzill Ruby Slipper and also Authentique Curiosity

I folded the paper on the score lines ( both pieces are identical)
Then punched holes in the top of both panels ready to accept the ribbon
which was from my own stash.

Using double sided tape i placed some on all of the edges
and attached both pieces to each other

I added the ribbon and secured it on the inside of the bag.

Its made a lovely little bag which was very quick to make.
Im sure I will be making alot more of these in all different colours .

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Have a good week, and Happy Crafting

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Scrapbook Garden - Golden Angel

This is my 4th project for this months design kit from

Its a cute little angel which was so easy to make
I laid out all of the pieces on my non stick craft sheet
I used a gold dabber to colour the base, halo and wings

Covering one side of all of the pieces with the
Once covered i used an emery board to tidy up the edges

Next I used the gold dabber and coloured the reverse
side with the dabber
First I assembled the 2 pieces with the wings attached

And then slotted the others into place

Then using the gold dabber , dabbed all the edges with gold
Placed on the halo and thats it

It went together in a moment and will grace my Christmas tree in a couple of weeks time.

Thanks alot for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment its much appriciated.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Scrapbook Garden - Advent Drawers

This is my 3rd project for this months design kit
Its a set of advent drawers made with 24 matchboxes .

I started by emptying out all the matches into a tub.
I have no idea what i will use all of the matches for but ive
enough to light my candles for years (although no box to strike them on now)
next I used some red acrylic paint and painted the inside of each drawer
and the end that was to be the front of the drawer with the red paint.

I must admit it felt a bit like a Blue Peter special and
unfortunately I didnt have some Id made earlier
as they used to have.

next I took all the outers of the boxes and glued them together
in groups of 3's.
Making a note to keep all of the sandpaper edges on one side.

Next I used a sheet of chipboard and cut myself a base and a top
just slightly bigger than the boxes.

I used a gold dabber to colour it down
Next I covered my base chipboard with some
a delicious colour which went perfectly against the gold dabber
coloured square.

Next using my hole punch i added small brads to the front of the drawers
to look like little handles.

Next i added some strength to the boxes with double sided
tape before covering one side with

You only need to cover one side as thats all
that will show when they are joined together

After glueing the boxes together i added some double sided tape
to give extra strength all around the outer edge of the formation.

Doing the same with the next level i added
double sided tape to the inner of the structure
so that when joined together there was double strength
tape on each bottom and top

Layering them up, as they came together they
became very sturdy.
I added the top , using the
I printed some teeny numbers on my computer
1 - 24 and cut them out. Although you cant see on the photo
I matted them onto French Vanilla cardstock to give added
strength and make them a bit more hard wearing.
I was quite pleased with my little set of drawers
although I wont be taking orders as they took 9 hours to make.
But i was very pleased at just how strong they were not at all
flimsy which was what I was worried about at the beginning.

I added a couple of Authentique noteables to the sides just to give some extra detail
and they will stand out with my Christmas decorations pride of place.
I did enjoy myself and it took me right back to my youth , making homemade
furniture for my dolls , although my dolls never had anything as grand as this .

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment
as always its much appriciated .

This is brilliant , i love it !