Thursday, 26 February 2009

ABAA - Rock n Roll

This weeks challenge at ABAA is Rock n Roll, and I couldnt let this one pass and not do Elvis, the king of Rock n Roll.

Although in my haste at doing it in the night light without my lamp on im afraid he now has a slightly yellow face ! Oops, too much ink.......

I coloured the stone with electric blue metalic acrylic paint, then rubber stamped my images and his name and added them, then used metalic stickers for the name, title and "The King" labels.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Vintage album layouts

This last couple of weeks i have been scrapboking with a friend who was on a deadline to get an album finished. She has now finshed but is going to start another album straight away as she has enjoyed it so much.
We have been scrapbooking well into the early hours. Whilst bouncing ideas around I decided to do myself an album with all the vintage family photos that I have.

Most of the albums I have done lately I have given away when they were finished and I thought it was time that I did one that I could keep myself.

This was the first page ( I have now done 8 pages this week) I love it. Its my grandparents and I just love everything about the page, Im really pleased with it.
The book is coming together nicely and I will post some of the other pages soon.

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Lots to do Challenge - Eyes

Sorry its taken so long to get this on my blog, busy week.......

This is my entry for the Lots to do Challenge which this week was eyes.

I remembered that I did a layout for my Mams Scrapbook that I made her for Christmas of my grandaughter Emily. Emily has lovely eyes and I adore this photo of her.
This includes not only Emilys eyes , but some eye rubber stamping so I hope it fits the bill.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Look at these..........

Look at these beautiful little peg dolls that were made by my Auntie Lucy, what is even more incredible is that they are over 20 years old.

My Auntie made them for my Mam all those years ago and they are still going strong , which can only be a credit to my Aunt for making them so well. They have not been packed away , but have been on display all these years on my mams mantlepiece.

Auntie Lucy has always enjoyed crafts of one kind or another , sewing , drawing and in recent years card making.

The pencil drawings were some that she did back in the 70's which i have had framed and hanging in my house since then. I have always loved the one of Jesus, but the detail on the one of Margot Fontain is incredible.

Her drawings were always stunning, and she had an uncanny knack of capturing the likeness of a person. A fantastic talent, you have to agree.

Thanks Auntie Lucy for being such an inspiration.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lots to do - Dark Angel

This weeks challenge at Lots to do is wings.

I made my Dark Angel a couple of months ago, but i adore her.
I was inspired to make this piece by Linda B whose work is amazing , she never ceases to amaze me at the brilliant creations she comes up with.

This has to be my favourite example of wings that i have ever done, and wanted to share it again.
The wings are grungeboard rubbed with gold wax to make them shine.
I hope you like her as much as i do, and i hope you dont mind that im showing something I did a little while ago.

Thank you

ABAA - Doors (OOH LA LA )

This weeks challenge at ABAA is Doors.

During an all day crop yesterday this was all I managed to make, (got plenty of chatting done though).
Inspired by Paris once more, this is my "Behind closed doors". It represents the Moulin Rouge, with all its glitter, feathers , gems, top hats, music , flowers and tassles.

I enjoyed making it very much, it might have taken a long time but it doesnt matter because i love it.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

ABAA & also Lots to Do - Metal

Apologies for combining two challenges in one but my week has been so hectic.
This is my entry for Awfully big art adventure and also Lots to do - Metal challenges.

For ABAA - The challenge was to make a milagro, I dont seem to be able to move away from canvas work right now, im enjoying it. So my milagro is a heart , as all hearts need to heal at times and faith can sometimes be hard to keep when your life travels down certain roads.

For Lots to do - The challenge was to include metal, the small heart charm is metal and also the cross on the end of the rosary that Our Lady holds.

Both images were printed in black and white and the i used blue embossing powder on Our Ladys robe, the beads on her rosary i highlighted with stickles glitter glue to make the beads stand out. The quote reads " Dont lose Faith, the answer is there somewhere" and the word faith is grungeboard coloured with brown acrylic paint.
The large heart is made with a mixture of angelina fibres over the top of a heart shaped rubber stamp.

I am pleased with my canvas and each time my faith wavers i will look at this to help me along. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Sorry I appear to have been AWOL !

So sorry everyone for not being able to blog lately.
What with computer problems over the weekend , a very sore toe and a daughter who is like the queen and has 2 birthdays not 1 , im afraid the week has passed me by.

2 birthday cakes later im all baked out........
Hannah asked for one of my chocolate cakes for our sunday family tea at my mams to celebrate her birthday, which i made, but it was her actual birthday on tuesday and she had another buffet on tuesday evening also , so i decided to make her a surprise number 15 cake for then.
I used to make and decorate alot of cakes at one time, but once i started working didnt seem to have much time. Now however , thats different so we will just have to watch our i really enjoy baking , and realise i had missed it over the years.

What i should have done was make one out of card then it wouldnt have contained as many calories !

Thanks for stopping by my blog and im off to finish my challenges before their deadlines approach.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Hi everyone,

Im sorry but it seems for some reason i can recieve emails but not send them.

I have tried since 3.30 pm to rectify this and Im just fed up now it will have to wait until tomorrow and I hope I have better luck then.

I will reply to all emails as soon as I can, thank you for being patient. Jaqi

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I love making these little books, and when i got invited to be part of a huge trade, I decided to make one of these as my contribution.

There were about 26 of us, number one sends to number 2 , 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and so on until 26 sends to number 1.

Its a great idea and everyone gets a little surprise gift.

I hope the person who recieves this likes it.

This is brilliant , i love it !