Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Look at these..........

Look at these beautiful little peg dolls that were made by my Auntie Lucy, what is even more incredible is that they are over 20 years old.

My Auntie made them for my Mam all those years ago and they are still going strong , which can only be a credit to my Aunt for making them so well. They have not been packed away , but have been on display all these years on my mams mantlepiece.

Auntie Lucy has always enjoyed crafts of one kind or another , sewing , drawing and in recent years card making.

The pencil drawings were some that she did back in the 70's which i have had framed and hanging in my house since then. I have always loved the one of Jesus, but the detail on the one of Margot Fontain is incredible.

Her drawings were always stunning, and she had an uncanny knack of capturing the likeness of a person. A fantastic talent, you have to agree.

Thanks Auntie Lucy for being such an inspiration.


Denise said...

I agree absolutely! They are beautiful. What treasures! Now I know where you get your talents from.

Jeanette said...

These are beautiful. Black and white sketches are on of my favorite.
I love the peg dolls. It's nice they can still be enjoyed.


nancy said...

Hi Jaqi! I'm just enjoying your recent blog posts. Loving your work and your Aunt Lucie's is incredible. I guess it runs in your family to be artistic.
I've just sent you off a packet -- only two that you wanted were still available! So I sent you Camellia and the Hooker. I guess we'll just be 2 for 2 this time.

This is brilliant , i love it !