Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lots to do - Fairies or Angels

This is my entry for this weeks Lots to Do which is Fairies or Angels.

When I first read about this I had 2 photographs in mind and lots of ideas, unfortunatly the first photo wasnt quite how I remembered, and the second one I cant find , although Ive been through every album and box of photos that i have.

Anyway I did find these two which were taken at the same time as my second choice, so ive gone with those.

I had alot of flower fairy scraps left over from a project when I covered an antique fire screen so I thought I would use some of them up on this.

Hannah wanted to be a fairy and when she got her wand and wings she was very dissapointed that along with those didnt come the ability to fly. In love with Peter Pan she so wanted to be a fairy like Tinkerbell. Even now Peter Pan reamins one of her favourite films and the Peter Pan ride at Disney is one of the first things we ride on when we visit and yet now shes 16 years old. I suppose one day I will come across the other photo and make another page to go with this one.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lots to Do - Buttons and or Beads

This is my entry for this weeks Lots to Do , which is Buttons and or Beads.

As I was looking through my old photos trying to decide which one to use I found these two. They are of John and Martha Turnbull who were relations of my Father Eddie Lavery ( cousins I think).

I loved the style of Johns little trousers with the huge straps with the buttons on them, and also the buttons up the side of little Marthas boots.
I made this simple page by adding some vintage photo ink to a waxed page to bring out the patturn on the paper , and then replicated the straps on Johns trousers and added some buttons to the bottom of the straps.

On the single photo of Martha she has her eyes closed which is such a shame as she was a pretty little thing. I love her little boots and the bow in her hair is massive bless her.

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Aug 16th Remembering Elvis

Anyone who visits my blog regularly will know that I share my birthday August 16th, with the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.

Each year on my birthday I celebrate by watching Elvis films, documentaries, concerts etc for a full 24hours, usually 5am - 5am .
I have a totally chill out day , drink champagne , eat strawberries and enjoy the music that was Elvis.
It has become a bit of a tradition, Ive done it for about 12 years now, and my family dont say 'Happy Birthday ' anymore, they say ' Happy Elvis Day' .

I also ( since Ive been crafting) like to make a scrapbook page to mark my birthday and its usually Elvis themed.

This year is no exception. In March I went with my daughter to the Newcastle Arena so see a show. It was Elvis on the big screen.
All the footage was from concerts he had performed over his career. However technology being so good all of the sound had been removed from the footage apart from his voice.
His original backing singers , and original band played and sang once again supporting him. So all of the music on the evening was live.

It was done extremely well, and the atmosphere electric. If thats what it felt like to be there with him just on a screen , I cant imagine what it must have felt like to see him in person. ( Something I never got to do)

The production company encouraged the audience to take flash photography at the event , I took aprox 78 photos on the night.
Some of my favourites are what I have used for this layout. This year as it was my 50th birthday I decided I would do a double page.

I had an incredible night at the arena one I will never forget and hopefully memories of that night will be remebered whenever i look at my pages .

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Sad Clowns

I made this set of 4 canvas pictures based on some sad clown images that a friend sent me.
I love their faces and Ive put them together with some sad quotes , grungeboard letters, Inspiration tags and other little bits and bobs.

Ive done them in the 4 colours that are in my sofa so that they match (although the red is a bit brighter)

I love them they are very me and once Ive painted my walls they will go up, but for now they are sat on the back of the coffee table.

They need to be hung as a set and in that order as the quote on each of them follows on from the first all the way to the last.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Lots to do - Zentangle

After trying to be so organised and done a bit earlier this week , I dropped a bit of a clanger .

I quickly read what was required , and all that registered was doodling, so off I went and did a layout which had a huge doodle on it in white sakura pen.
Well when I came to add the link I realised that i had it totally wrong, so had to start all over again.

So this is my entry / entries (correct / incorrect ) for this weeks challenge over at Lots to Do which is Zentangles.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lots to Do - Ribbons and Lace

This is my entry this week for the Lots to Do challenge which is Ribbons and Lace.

As I was looking through my vintage pictures wondering which one to use I came across my parents wedding photo.
As yesterday would have been their 60th Wedding anniversary had my Dad still been with us it seemed very appropriate to use this image.

Trying to keep a vintage feel to the page Ive used only aged mahogany distress ink to stamp all of the quotes and the images of the church and the old vintage camera.

I cut out the date with the Hippy Chick Cuttlebug Alphabet which I love for my vintage layouts. I then inked it so that it blended in with the quotes.

The aged mahogany distress ink matched well with the rose and the words 'I Love You' on the ribbon across the bottom of the page. I added some vintage lace from the LLBowen collection,( he has some fab accessories for pages and cards etc)

I embossed the tags with wedding images to finish off the page.

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This is brilliant , i love it !