Saturday, 27 March 2010

Lots to do Vintage

This weeks theme at "Lots to do" is vintage.

Anyone who has visited here before will know Im a huge Vintage fan and am very lucky to have hundreds of vintage family images dating back to the 1800's as my Great Grandfather did photography as a hobby, and developed alot of his own work.
My grandfather then followed in his footsteps , so the library of material i have to work with is huge. I am very lucky.

Here are 3 layouts , a double layout showing my Grandfather , he was an undertaker . The horse drawn carriage pictures were found on a set of glass negatives in mint condition in his garage.
The other layout is of my Grandparents , this is one of my favourite layouts. This picture doesnt do justice to the delicate pink that I used on here.

Hope you like them , 12 x 12 are always awkward to photograph grandad and great grandad should be here to show me how !!

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A Compendium of Curiosities

OMG......It finally arrived......and it was so worth waiting for.

If you get the chance to buy Tim Holtz's new book "A Compendium of Curiosities" you wont be dissapointed.

It is an absolute treasure, you will never lack inspiration again.

I cant wait to start playing , only one problem.......I need to buy more stuff, inks , embossing powders , hardware etc. Ranger certainly knew what they were doing bringing out this book, I bet product sales soar now......

It appears to be very easy to follow and has some amazing step by step instructions for some of his magnificent projects which has made him so popular.

Personally I cant wait to get crafting !!! Now that can only be a good thing surely ?

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My Early Birthday Present to Myself

As you all know I am a huge Elvis fan.

This year I bought myself some tickets to see an Elvis concert at the Newcastle Arena as an early birthday treat.
Of course Im sure you are all aware he died on my 17th Birthday in 1976. I was never lucky enough to see him LIVE but I believe this was the next best thing. Im sure he would never have imagined that after nearly 34 years of being dead, he would still be wowing audiences while touring.

This was his original band, and backing singers who all played live on stage.
The footage of Elvis was from various concerts that he had played with these artists and all of the music and noise was taken from the footage apart from his voice.

This enabled the band to perform for him whilst he sang along to the music they played. He even introduced the band members one at a time to the audience.

It was very moving and so well done , I can only say if that after this concert I cant imagine what it would have been like to be lucky enough to actually experience one of his original performances.
The audience were in awe of the lighting , live music and the presence in the auditorium.

My daughter and I had a brilliant evening which I will always remember, and if this show comes near to where you live, go see it, you wont be dissapointed, it was amazing.

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This is brilliant , i love it !