Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My Other Three !

These are my other 3 that I have done today, The armour was inspired by Lindas Journal and her soul armour, the 2nd one is the result of me recieving my order from artchix, and the 3rd is an image ive been wanting to use for a while, I thought it looked nice, the little angel whispering in her ear. I even added a little flower soft to the flower in her lapel. I like flower soft and keep forgetting to use it. but it does add depth and texture to flower images. I had great fun making these today. Im fastened in the house waiting for people to collect raffle prizes so its a great excuse to just sit and craft all day ! Roll on tomorrow.......and more.

A Productive Day

Had a great day playing today, with stamps and cuttings ive been buying and collecting over the last couple of weeks while ive been busy. Made 6 atcs and these are the first 3.
The baby peeping over the top of the Campanula heart is actually me aged about 7months.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Just a few quickies !

A hectic week and a very hectic weekend, but its the raffle draw tomorrow morning at 10am and then ive got the week off work.
Ive managed to do these over the course of this week when ive had a couple of moments to spare. Thats the good thing about this craft cupboard everything can just be left out where you have been working and you can go back to it.
I was worried that if i did none at all i would have crafting block when i tried to start again this week. So these were just to keep my hand in so to speak.
Hope everyones had a good weekend.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


I found these fruit scraps from when i lived in a big old house when i was married. These fruits helped me to design my kitchen, which was in the style of an old country kitchen. I loved the colours and managed to find tiles which matched perfectly. I desinged an old style cabinet to hold a belfast sink and got my husband to re create an old deep chimney effect to house the cooker. We had a huge, really huge mantle shelf put above it which was only about 14 inches from the ceiling
and i found some fab old paintings at the auction rooms which just finished off the kitchen. There were still some plans in mind for other adaptations but sadly there was no time to complete them before we divorced. I thought it was time to use these scraps up instead of them just being in the drawer.

A Real Bargain

I go to a crop on a tuesday night at Scrapbook Village in Castletown Sunderland.
I bought these little sets of stamps there, and they were only £1.25 a set and you get 30 in each box. They are an ideal size for atcs and also it gives you great scope for doing names etc. A real bargain....now i just have to practice getting them in a straight line........ LOL !

An Award - Thank you

A big Thank you to Chriss who has very kindly given me this award.
What a cute little bunny, hes made my day, Thank you so much x

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Movies , Wings, and Dancing !

The movies, would be "From here to Eternity" and "Casablanca", the wings are on this lady and the Dancing would be this lovely couple.
Ah.......Romance......I must be getting soft in my old age !

Grandmas Spoon

As promised heres Grandmas spoon, as you can see it was well used for mixing......next to my mams you can see how much it has worn away! Mind, it made the most amazing cakes......

Been Tagged!

I think I am supposed to answer the following questions, so here goes....

The rules as I understand them are...I answer the questions below and tag 5/6 folk by visiting their blogs and inviting them to visit my blog so they can see what needs to be done. Here we go...

Ten Years ago: I was working full-time for Virgin. I was a supervisor / duty manager at their multiplex in Boldon. I was also part of a TASK FORCE team for Virgin, we travelled the country seeting up new sites and training the staff. It usually took us about 2 weeks to take the building from the builders, and fill it with stck and furniture, set the building up, fill it with staff, and train them to run the multiplex without us. The shortest time we ever had was 3 days in Bolton, the builders passed their deadline but we still had an opening night and a premier to host and we did it , it was very rewarding.
Five things in today's "to do" list:
1) Check on my mum and pay her a visit.(done)
2) Make my PARIS House (done)
3) Do some washing (done)
4) Sort out some old photos (done)
5) Order some new craft supplies online (done)

Snacks I enjoy: Pumpkin seeds, strawberries, raisins, grapes and......chocolate buttons!

Things I would do if I was a millionaire: get myself a chauffeur, buy a craft shop, invite Richard Chamberlain for tea, donate money to cancer research.

Places I have lived: Born in England, and have lived in Boldon all my life

Now, I think I am supposed to tag 5 more people so I choose...

Linda Vincent
Nancy Torsen
Cookie Sunshine
Karen from Scrapz
Rosie Radcliffe


Time has been against me terribly this week and this is what would have liked to put in for the Paris / House Challenge, but nevermind I love this image and would have used it in a very similar way to just put on my blog anyway. As you all know by now im sure, PARIS is my weakness and i love working with anything to do with it.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Meet Ma & Da Wilson

This is Ma & Da Wilson, my maternal great grandparents. Da Wilson was a funeral director and local builder, and then his son James Wilson ( my grandfather ) took over the family business from him. My grandfather went on to be a lecturer at the colleges also, lecturing in ......Embalming! Apparantly he was one of the countrys best.....
I think this is where my love of purple comes from if im honest, as a child we always had loads and loads of this beautiful purple satin and cloth lying around.....I later found out they were spare cloths that (although not the ones we had in the house, they had never been used)that used to be draped over the coffins, in peoples houses as in those days the bodies were taken back to the house. They covered the coffin with this huge cloth which went right down to the floor, the coffin was on two stands supporting it, under the coffin would be a spray. The Undertaker would go to the house each day and spray with this solution to mask the smell of the decaying body. Apparantly as the days went on they needed to go a few times a day as it was quite bad.
I have the original box that he used to keep his embalming tools in , the tools have gone and all the tubes perished, although now the box houses my collection of old handkerchiefs and old fashioned brooches, I suppose its altered art......( i will post a photo of the box)
The group photo is of Da Wilson (in the middle at the front) and his immediate family after attending a conference on funerals, they look like Gangsters dont they? very stern and serious. Ma Wilson's family Hoffmans had the local pork butchers, which apparantly sold delicious food.
Da Wilson had 4 chldren, George who died when he was just young, James (my grandfather)who followed in his fathers footsteps with the local builders and joiners business and also local funeral directors, Annie, who had the local hairdresses (she was petite, and had the most wonderful earrings - she peirced her own ears with a hot sewing needle from the fire) and Rosina, who had the local bakers and catering business. My Grandmother (Jims wife) had the local Post Office which my parents took over when i was about 6 months old.

I hope this gives you some idea about my roots and also you now know why I love old photos. Thanks for reading.

Vintage Family

The lady in the lovely dress is my mams cousin, Amalia Augusta Kell (nee douglass) ( we are of German descent on that side of the family, Hoffman was their family name which is where the Amalia Augusta came from, also my mams sister has the same name)she didnt dress like this all the time but used to sing on the stage so this would be a costume. She was a beautiful singer , I remember as a child going with her to church and she sang above everyone else. I used to think God himself would be able to hear her she had such a trained voice!
The other photo is my Grandma Wilson ( my maternal grandmother) attending her cookery class at school. She is the 2nd on your left at the table with the mixing bowl. She must have listened very hard in that class because her cooking and baking was second to none.
My mam still has the spoon she used to do all her baking with , I will take a photo of it and you will see just how much it was used!

Meet Grandma Green

Ooh doesnt she look strict? This is Grandma Green, she wasnt my real Great Grandmother, My Great Grandmother had too many children and found it difficult to manage and this lady lived in the same street and she took some of her children and looked after them.
But she was always known as Grandma Green, Im not sure where my real great great grandmother was, maybe she died so this lady stepped into that role. I wouldnt like to get on the wrong side of her though!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008




Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Disney Slide show

Finally , I hope it works.
My Disney Scrapbook is finished.
My daughter Hannah and I wanted to make this scrapbook together to remember our 5th visit to Disneyland

Thursday, 10 July 2008

A surprise from a long time ago

I woke one morning to find that it had been snowing, it was cold and i felt as though i was getting a cold, just felt down and yucky.
Thought a cup of coffee was just what i needed, went to the fridge.....no milk. With my dressing gown held tightly closed i opened the back door to bring in the milk......This was waiting for me in the snow, it still makes me smile now everytime i look at it. Happy times, oh where did they go? It was a lovely surprise and im so glad i took the photo.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Blue Fairy

I really love this, This gingham card is nice to work with, its quite thick card, I got a selection (in various colours) of it free when i spent over a certain amount at a craft fayre earlier this year.
Sadly theres not much left so i used it to make this flower fairy atc. I added the mother of pearl stars and blue gems as a finishing touch.
Hope you like it....

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Another New Stamp

This is another new stamp that i had bought and not got around to trying, Its a mini postcard with two lovers on it. Its a nice stamp and on one atc i only used part of it and put a verse at the top. I was pleased with it, something a bit different.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


I didnt have much time today, had my grandchildren sleeping over last night and the little one doesnt sleep....so i have bags under my eyes like suitcases.....nevermind, but these were all i managed to do today, I wished i had been able to spend more time but maybe tomorrow. Hope everyone is ok, the blogs are very quiet.

Blog Award

I recieved this award from the Papergirls Blog http://thepapergirls.blogspot.com/.
and would like to say Thank you.
I nominate the following 7 people to recieve this award,
in no particular order;
Lizi http://www.lizithepoet.blogspot.com/
Nancy http://neatcs.wordpress.com/
Linda http://lindavincent.blogspot.com/
Denise http://denise-blessthismess.blogspot.com/
Jessie http://jessiejamesblog.blogspot.com/
Susan http://cardmakingsaga.blogspot.com/
Micha http://www.michasatc.blogspot.com/

A couple of these are just starting out, Lizi and Micha, but they are making some fab things.
Well done everyone and keep up the fantastic work, Jaqi x

Friday, 4 July 2008

The Beatles

Ive been poorly this week with a very bad ear infection so all ive done is rest and watch films. After watching a film a couple of days ago about the early life of John Lennon I remembered that i had this image and I hadnt used it.......Its a very basic atc but I like it.

Pearlised Embossing Powders

Not sure if the photos do these colours justice, I bought some new pearlised embossing powders and they are lovely to work with, This one is called Pink Mallow and its very girly, I finished it off with some doodling with a glue pen which i then covered with glitter, which is now everywhere! Why does glitter do that?
http://www.craftycorneruk.com/ This is the link for the Pearlised Embossing powders its a shop called Crafty Corner. Enjoy !

Northern Men

As I come from an old mining village, when I saw these images i just though i would have a go and see what i could do with them.
Pitmen were a regular sight when i was little, which now seems so long ago.

This is brilliant , i love it !