Friday, 18 July 2008

Vintage Family

The lady in the lovely dress is my mams cousin, Amalia Augusta Kell (nee douglass) ( we are of German descent on that side of the family, Hoffman was their family name which is where the Amalia Augusta came from, also my mams sister has the same name)she didnt dress like this all the time but used to sing on the stage so this would be a costume. She was a beautiful singer , I remember as a child going with her to church and she sang above everyone else. I used to think God himself would be able to hear her she had such a trained voice!
The other photo is my Grandma Wilson ( my maternal grandmother) attending her cookery class at school. She is the 2nd on your left at the table with the mixing bowl. She must have listened very hard in that class because her cooking and baking was second to none.
My mam still has the spoon she used to do all her baking with , I will take a photo of it and you will see just how much it was used!


Denise said...

She is totally gorgeous! Am I allowed to 'use' her?

Jaqi said...

Yes of course just let me see what you make, you can use any of them no problem, Jaqi x

Mam said...

These photos are wonderful. I love the stories that go with them. what treasures!

This is brilliant , i love it !