Thursday, 26 February 2009

Vintage album layouts

This last couple of weeks i have been scrapboking with a friend who was on a deadline to get an album finished. She has now finshed but is going to start another album straight away as she has enjoyed it so much.
We have been scrapbooking well into the early hours. Whilst bouncing ideas around I decided to do myself an album with all the vintage family photos that I have.

Most of the albums I have done lately I have given away when they were finished and I thought it was time that I did one that I could keep myself.

This was the first page ( I have now done 8 pages this week) I love it. Its my grandparents and I just love everything about the page, Im really pleased with it.
The book is coming together nicely and I will post some of the other pages soon.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


Linda said...

Jaqi thats beautiful...really beautiful.
A labour of love.
You are so good at this.....

Denise said...

Oh I second Linda! This is so precious and you are indeed fortunate to have the photos and know most of the stories. Well done and keep at it!

Susan said...

These look fabulous, Jaqi! High time you made such a special album for your very own. I love what you are doing here.

This is brilliant , i love it !