Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sorry I appear to have been AWOL !

So sorry everyone for not being able to blog lately.
What with computer problems over the weekend , a very sore toe and a daughter who is like the queen and has 2 birthdays not 1 , im afraid the week has passed me by.

2 birthday cakes later im all baked out........
Hannah asked for one of my chocolate cakes for our sunday family tea at my mams to celebrate her birthday, which i made, but it was her actual birthday on tuesday and she had another buffet on tuesday evening also , so i decided to make her a surprise number 15 cake for then.
I used to make and decorate alot of cakes at one time, but once i started working didnt seem to have much time. Now however , thats different so we will just have to watch our i really enjoy baking , and realise i had missed it over the years.

What i should have done was make one out of card then it wouldnt have contained as many calories !

Thanks for stopping by my blog and im off to finish my challenges before their deadlines approach.


Denise said...

Glad all the computer problems are sorted! You were missed! What a lucky girl to get two cakes! Cardboard ? Naaaaaaa!

Linda said...

Oh wow Jaqi - that cake looks scrumptious!!! Clever you!

This is brilliant , i love it !