Monday, 13 July 2009

The Donna Gotlib Award.......

A BIG THANK YOU to Donna Gotlib for this wonderful award.

Donna has been a good friend since we met when i started blogging in 2007.
I am proud to have been with her and our friend Denise on a testing journey . Donna showed amazing strength through some difficult times and she is a truly lovely person whom I am glad is in my life.

Donna has kindly given me this award and the rules are ,

The Love My Friends Award is given to those bloggers who aspire, inspire and share the most beautiful of human attributes: art, wisdom and friendship. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more.

My friends who I would like to pass this on to are ,

Denise, the other Muskateer.....always there day or night, Denise continues to make me laugh even through the most dreadful moments I can always count on her to make me smile.

Linda , whose work leaves me speechless, I am in awe of the most beautiful work that this friend creates , and her friendship is endless.

Rosie, who creates the most wonderful pieces of art , what an inspiration , a hard act to follow but a real friend who has helped me alot.

Susan, who is always there at the end of an email......always. We have shared some laughs and we have so much in common.

Nancy , another good friend who has created some masterpieces and whose work has grown so much in the time I have known her.

Renee, whose support is second to none, a true inspiration and a remarkable lady.

Annette , my good friend who closed her blog as life was getting in the way, in the hope that she gets time to start a blog up again.

Karen, a fab friend who always inspires me with the fantastic things she creates making everything look so easy always. A good friend who is always there for me and with some sound advice and always ready to help me.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. Im sure I have missed many people out and Im sorry I can only pass the award on to 8 people.
Heres to friend the world over .......keep doing what you are doing , theres strength in numbers !


Renee said...

Jaqi thank you so much. I love it.

Renee xoxo

Rosie said...

Thank you Jaqi - you're a pretty special lady yourself!

Donna Gotlib said...

You really are the best. I was hoping you were going to tell us where you are keeping Elvis. I know he is with you.

Hugs and love,

Linda said...

Oh you sweetheart! Thank you for the award and your kind words.

Kaz Scrapz said...

Jaqi - You have constantly been there for me over the last few months and for that I will always be eternally grateful - you are indeed a very special lady and I am truly honoured to be your friend. Thank YOU. xxx Karen

nancy said...

Jaqi, we have to keep in better touch with one another! I've been so distracted.
Thank you for the recognition. You are a sweet and faithful friend.
The postcard you asked about is available for trade. I'll do 4 copies only. I need to browse around and see what you have.

This is brilliant , i love it !