Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wedding Guest Book

This is the Wedding Guest Book I made for my Sons recent
Wedding. Most of you who visit my blog regular
will know I dont like sewing, in fact it makes me
very short tempered and cross. I only ever sew if I really have too.

However my future Daughter - in - law asked if id make a guest
book for their Wedding and I didnt want to refuse........
So it was time to face my demons .

So with the very kind help of Karen from Scrapz
who very kindly kept me going in the right direction
with her excellent instructions and inspiration
I just about managed to get a book done that I hope fitted
the bill.

After covering my bind it all cover with wadding
I added some satin, lace and ribbon.
I buckle from Scrapz

The first few pages had headers to start off the book
in some kind of order

After that Guest pages all individually stamped
by hand with champagne glasses

dark purple lace that i was saving for a special occassion
which matched perfectly to the colour of the bridesmaid dresses.
I added some liquid pearls into the holes on the lace
and added a huge satin bow to the front cover
with some charms from Scrapz attached to it

Im hoping to get all caught up on my crafting as im on 2 weeks holiday now
and I hope to be joining in the challenge this week at JFF

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you are having a lovely week


The Scrapbook Garden said...

Wow! Jaqi this looks gorgeous! Well done - I hope the Bride appreciated your efforts. Ann x

Jaqi said...

Thanks Ann, she did , she was pleased with it

Kazza said...

Fabulous Jaqi - you did a magnificent job. Those stamped pages and titles are gorgeous too. You could never have bought anything as special so all that effort was so worth it. Xx Karen

Zoechaos said...

WOW what a wonderful labour of love XOXO Zoe

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaqi. You have done a brilliant job. This looks gorgeous. A real treasure to keep.
Regards Florence.

Denise said...

Oh Jaqi this is so lovely! Pat yourself on the back, job extremely well done! Clever Lass!

Jaqi said...

Thanks Ladies , its much appriciated :-)

Von said...

Aww that's a wonderful heirlom you have made for the happy couple Jaqi :)

This is brilliant , i love it !