Saturday, 17 May 2008

This afternoons play time!

Had a great time with everything today, cant believe its nearly 7pm.


Linda said...

I really like the top left ATC - that's a gorgeous image and you've used it well Jaqi.

Jaqi said...

Thanks Linda, Ive had a great time this weekend, working on some scrapbook pages tonight, jaqi x

MammyT said...

Sorry I forgot to post my answer. yeah it's the one in the post above! thanks! - Lizi

Chris said...

Hi Jaqi... looks like you have been having some me time... and playing Beautifully :) Loving your photos too...they are gorgeous :)
Chris xx

MammyT said...

Hi, Ms.Jaqi, Thank you for the art stuff and the ATC trade!!! Did you know I LOVE Disney Paris??? It is like you read my mind! Thanks again, and my grammy sent my marylan card! - Lizi

This is brilliant , i love it !