Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Fresh Start.............

Well, yesterday I was made redundant........Dont worry , Im fine about it.
Today I have woken up feeling as though my life has turned a corner and im starting out on a new adventure.
I will have photos tomorrow, Ive started my soul journal today and I have lots planned, Im looking forward to it.
Im up to date with the current Scrapbook Im working on (which is a gift for someone special )So I should have alot more work going up on my blog.
I might even get that much practice my work will get better and I will be able to trade more !!!!!
Im holding onto my hat and beginning a new journey, Wish me Luck .....


Chriss Rollins said...

Hello Jaqi,
I wish you so much luck on your new journey I hope you will get more time to craft and enjoy life.
I was just reading a comment you left on the liz taylor shrine that you have had her and RB in your bedroom...please tell me what were they doing in your
have a good weekend and think this monday wont be the long hard monday you usually have.
hope you will be able to have the time to take on more of the challenges now.
take care chriss x

Jaqi said...

Hi, Just in case any one else is wondering too, The Liz and Richard thing is a picture of them together , and the caption reads " Unless you love someone, nothing makes sense" Its a lovely picture, I will scan it in so you can see. Jaqi x

Cookie Sunshine said...

Hay Jaqi,
I didn't realize that this was the day! I'm thinking of you and sending you best wishes.
Hugs and love!

Linda said...

A new start Jaqi! You sound positive and confident...go girl!!!
Linda xxxx

Sue said...

Hello Jaqi - it was inspiring to read that you are moving on about your redundancy and are so positive with so many plans. Being in the process of considering a 'life changing decision' regarding work, you have given me food for thought. Hoping all goes well for you ... Take care ....

Denise said...

I wish you well on your new journey! I know you are going to enjoy it! Here's to many more happy scrapping hours!

Mam said...

Hi Jaqi, I sure enjoyed seeing some of your treasures. I hope your journal is satisfying to you. I'll look forward to seeing more.

This is brilliant , i love it !