Saturday, 1 November 2008

I got roped in....again !

The last 2 days have been spent making last minute Halloween costumes, although they all know I hate sewing, they turned up yesterday morning with bag fulls of stuff that needed , gluing, painting, sewing, curling, cutting and accessories making.
My grand daughter Emily was a Vampire, and my Grandson Joe was Optimus Prime, although he wouldnt put his head piece on and went in the huff a bit.
My son David was having a party tonight at his house for about 30 people. I went around about 5 pm to help him get ready.
I have altered a nurses outfit for him and cut his wig from a long curly one to a short flicked out style. First we put latex scars on his face, then covered the whole of his face with the white paint, then the black eyes and red lips, he was the Joker dressed as a nurse, from the new batman film. He had black lacy stockings on and very high white high heeled shoes.
My son Andrew, went as the "Phantom Raspberry Blower from Old England Town" so I had 30 business cards to make for him with a raspberry on. Thats him in the black mask and hat, and cape.
The rest of the group arrived just as I was leaving, I think I would have cramped their style if I had stayed and taken photos of all the rest.....My job was complete, for another year.
Now to some crafting, maybe its not a good idea to have all this craft stuff, its too easy for them to say , "Mam will sort it" I just hope they have a good time.


Susan said...

My you turned out some interesting looking relatives, Mam. You're very talented. I was surprised to see Hallowe'en caching on here this year. We didn't do anything for it though.

Chriss Rollins said...

great out fits and fun pix to be scrapped.
thanx for sharing
chriss x

Cookie Sunshine said...

They are so lucky to have you!

Denise said...

Multi talented, WOW! Photos and outfits look great! I'm sure they had a blast!

Chris said...

Wow you are so talented Jaqi I bet your family love you!! The costumes are them all. Thanks for sharing your pics with us :D
Chris xx

Linda said...

Wow did a great job!!!
Shame there wasn't a picture of you,lol!!!

This is brilliant , i love it !