Thursday, 22 January 2009

Awfully Big Art Adventure Bottletop

Firstly I must apologise at the poor standard of this entry.
I am cross with myself that this is the best I could come up with.

I have tried without sucess to flatten numerous bottletops , chipped my craft hammer and cracked the plate on my cuttlebug ( they dont go through the cuttlebug) so im afraid my effort ended up being just a basic atc with a bottletop on it.

My inspiration has been packed away with the christmas decorations i think !

Agh..........better luck next week hopefully !


Rosie said...

Oh Jaqi I don't know why you're apologising - sometimes simple is the best! So sorry you damaged your cuttlebug, but thank you for joining in again.
Rosie ABAA

crafty creations said...

Jacqui it's a beautiful atc - love it.

I flattened my bottle tops by putting them between 2 pieces of wood and hitting them with hammer - on the backdoor step lol

Jaqi said...

I will try that next time then, and the plate on my cuttlebug was ready to go so its not a problem i had a spare, it was well used.
I was so looking forward to it as the others are beautiful.....I will have to try again one day , and hopefully get a better result, Jaqi

Linda said...

Rosie is right - simple is good when its done like this. Its very classy Jaqi. And why not have bottletops open like that?
(I just whack my mine with a big hammer - go on, try it!!)
Linda xxx

Denise said...

You're far too hard on yourself, this is simply lovely! Take a bow!

nancy said...

Oh, no! Breaking you equipment is terrible! I haven't even tried yet and don't think I'm going to have time for this one.
I like yours a lot. I don't think it is substandard at all!
Have you heard from Cookie? Drop me a line on email?

Chriss Rollins said...


Before i read your jounal i saw your bottle top ATC and thought how original.

So there you not pull yourself down...remember sometimes less is more and on this occasion I agree.

I have not had time yet to join in but I hope to catch up soon.

chriss x

Chriss Rollins said...

ps... I tried several attemps at flattening the bottle top in my bigshot and it just slipped and was unevenly flattened ...they dug into the plates and I had a job getting them I then padded it with magic foam they went through that and into the plates again lopsided... I gave up on it... Jessie had the same Idea as you and left hers as it was... she is putting it on her blog after she has been to her little friends funeral tomorrow ...oh and Jessie thanks you for lighting a candle for her.

chriss x

Jaqi said...

Well i will wait a little while and when my patience has returned i will try again, hehehe Jaqi

This is brilliant , i love it !