Saturday, 10 January 2009

Biro Drawing

I have just found this and should really have posted this on my birthday.

My son drew this ELVIS for me years ago one night whilst watching tv. I loved it and it has been in a frame ever since. He doesnt draw very often now which is a shame as i think he has a talent.


crafty creations said...

he certainly has a talent there jacqui

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Your son is so talented.

Chris said...

Wowee you truly have one talented son there Jaqi... it isn't easy to capture a likeness in pencil never mind Biro... well done to him!!!
You need to nag him... a talent like that shouldn't be wasted :D
Chris xx

Kaz Scrapz said...

I am truly amazed and stunned - he definately has huge talent - what an amazing piece of art - one to be admired and treasured forever.

One question - how on earth do you get your son to spend ages creating that glorious drawing for you - I can barely get mine to take the bin out for me LOL.

This is brilliant , i love it !