Saturday, 9 May 2009

New Pages, the first album is nearly complete....

With only a few pages left to do my first vintage album is nearly complete.

These pages show my Great Grandfather Edward Cherry, Great Grandma Green who was actually a neighbour that helped to look after the family when my Great Grandmother passed away. Also my Grandparents Thomas Henry Lavery and his wife Isabella ( nee Cherry). Thomas and Isabella were my Dads parents.

This set of pictures were actually made from a set of oil paintings that my cousin has. I used my melting pot to make some embellishments for this page. Also a stencil to make the flourishs for the page.

The very pink page is me when i was very small. This page was inspired by the Vintage Pram card on the bottom left of the page, and also the little wooden rag doll which were a gift from my friend Pauline. Thank you Pauline.

Only a few more pages and thats the first album done, cant wait to start the next and as I complete more pages i intend to separate them into families, so that each book will be a record of each leg of the family. I really enjoy working with these old images and I am very grateful to members of my family who have rallied around to make sure i have lots to work with.
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Rosie said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful Jaqui... so very stylish and evocative of the era! =)

Linda said...

The pages look great Jaqi...I especially like the embellishments and the photos are just wonderful.
Linda xx

Marie Reed said...

You are doing a tremendous job! Bravo!

nancy said...

Jaqi, This is such beautiful work. It is an awesome project and you are creating something wonderful!

Denise said...

Well done Jaqi! You really have done a fab job. Can't wait to see the next album.

Donna Childree Gotlib said...

Jaqi, This is so charming! You've been really busy. I love it.
It's really wonderful.

This is brilliant , i love it !