Saturday, 2 May 2009

Vintage Scrapbook

This is the sister of the lady in the other layout below.
Believed to be my Great Aunt Annie.
It looks as though the photo was taken at the same time as the one in the previous layout. It is another image from the glass negatives that we found.
Annie grew up and went on to marry Joe Gray , had 2 children, May and Tom.
Annie owned the local hairdressers in Boldon and her husband Joe owned the local hardware shop.
There is a previous layout of the Gray family earlier on my blog.
I remember being told when i was young that she pierced her own ears with a hot needle straight from the fire.......

Again using some heritage papers and some lovely lace that my friend Denise sent from Africa.

The first album is nearly full, but i still have hundreds of photos so i suppose volume 2 is fast approaching !

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Linda said...

Lovely layout Jaqi...and you're right; that lace is gorgeous!
You are so lucky to be able to make these vintage albums with all the wonderful memories. Your family seems to have a great sense of history.
Linda x

Denise said...

Jaqi your layouts are fabulous and you have found such a treasure trove with all those photos. You are very fortunate!

Renee said...

Jaqi this page is just fantastic.

Wow, the old image is wonderful but I just love how you have set it up on the page.

Hope all is well.

Renee xoxo

Fifi Flowers said...

Here is my painted version of the photo...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaqi,
Thanks for your comment!
The aged look is lots of coffee and daring to screw up the page first!
No need to thank me for including her, I think all of the thanks goes to you, for finding the photo in the first place!
I do hope your Aunt Rosina would be over the moon at being included in so many peoples art!
By the way, I love your most recent entry!:)

June said...

Jaqi its fantastic what you are doing with these ancestry ones. I think the papers and colours in particular on this one is spot on !! Totally brilliant.
I really just popped by to catch up a little again lol i am always falling behind with all thats gone on. I miss visiting as much but then its lovely to come and browse to catch up
Hope all is well with you and sending hugs your way
June x

Lynn said...

Just been looking at all your lovely layouts, what a treat to have them all in a scrapbook like that. I like how Annie is in the same spot for the photo as Rosie, they were probably taken the same day. Your great aunts have become quite famous :)

This is brilliant , i love it !