Monday, 4 January 2010

Cupboard needs to diet........

Well after having been open since the day I bought it I deicded to close my work station this year for Christmas.

I knew that I needed a rest and the only way to get one was to close it up so that I wasnt tempted. Fearing that there was an awful lot in there, I hid alot of the large items that had found a new home under the table in another cupboard.

I cant begin to tell you how shocked I was when I still couldnt close the doors fully. I couldnt believe I know I have too much stash in there.

Theres only one thing for it......load the pictures on here of the things I have done whilst ive not been blogging and from tomorrow morning the cupboard gets opened up and let the crafting begin.......

After all I have to use up some of that stash......Surely the housework can wait when I have such an important task to carry out......I think its only fair !!


Denise said...

hehehehe Jaqi, let the 'diet begin'

Jaqi said...

hehehe, roll on tomorrow, doors open in the morning lol

Susan said...

Lol Jaqi! I'll be looking forward to seeing you put that cupboard on a diet :) Have fun! And keep those hands warm!

Chriss Rollins said...

I dont know about your cupboard being on a diet ...I need to.

so what did you catch today when you opened that up...quite a bit by the looks of it some must have fallen out.

chriss x

Anonymous said...

Lol Jaqi it definitely needs a crash diet so get crafting now hehe.
Hope all is good with you and do pop and grab the freebies i left at dezinaworld for everyone
hugs June xxx

This is brilliant , i love it !