Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My Evanescence Canvas

After being introduced, to some fab tracks on the Evanescence Album Fallen from a very good friend I found some of the images used were quite interesting and got the idea to make this canvas with those in mind.

Firstly I covered the whole of the canvas with tissue paper and pva, to help give it texture.

Then I covered a chipboard heart with tissue also.

Next glued on some sequin waste.

And trimmed when dry.

I used ordinary kitchen foil and rolled it into strips , which were actually quite strong.

I then glued the strips of foil to the outside of the chipboard heart creating an edge all around.

I laid the heart face down on new kitchen foil and folded it around the shape of the heart only putting glue at the back to hold down the edges.

Press the foil to the front on the heart allowing the sequin waste to create a textured look on the heart.

Dab acrylic paint onto the heart to cover with colour.

Paint an additional chipboard heart frame, this time i used gold paint to contrast with the purple.

By now the first coat of purple was dry so I added more acrylic, using dark purple , black , and just a touch of jade green around the rim of the heart adding alot of paint to get a rich dark colour.

Next I embossed kitchen foil in the cuttlebug and glued it to the canvas , very lightly so as not to lose the embossing. I found that the tissue which I had originally covered the canvas with helped to keep the shape of the embossing by stopping it from adhereing flat to the canvas.

I carefully painted the foil so as not to flatten the embossing.

I used some angelina fibres in similar colours after using a heart shaped rubber stamp keeping the theme of hearts.

I added the Evanescence image of a woman passing through an open door from a dark room into the light behind the gold chipboard frame.

When the acrylic was dry it hardened slightly and i added final touches of jade green and black to finish off the canvas.

I attached the hearts and the angelina fibres.

Then finished it of with grungeboard swirls and a key painted with the jade green acrylic.

My aim was to create a dark piece , which I feel I have done, I am pleased with the finished result and enjoyed making it very much.

So thank you to my friend for being the inspiration behind this canvas which reminds me of being in a dark place but allowing imagination to bring me out into the light.
You know who you are x

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you return again .


Linda said...

Oh wow Jaqi, you really have been creative! This is wonderful....and its great that you showed the steps you took to create it. Glad to see you using Angelina - one of my favourite things!
Linda x

Anonymous said...

Awsome work on this Jaqi and appreciate you showing the steps to the achievement of a fantastic piece
hugs June xxx

patcrafts said...

I hope you don't mind but I have taken your Elvis image to put on my blog.

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Thanks for sharing the steps of how you create the canvas. Fantastic !!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! My kind of artwork Jaqi! TFS! x

LindieLee said...

Where do you buy sequin waste? I can't find it at Joann's or Michael's.

This is brilliant , i love it !