Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Happy Birthday to Joan Jarrett

Happy Birthday today to Joan Jarrett.
Joan is a fan of Coronation Street so her Granddaughter Natalie asked
me to make this card for her.
I had fun putting it together and used some of my own photos of the Street
when we were there a few years ago and did the tour.

Natalie gave me a picture of Joan which I cut around the table and Joan herself
so that I could place it in front of the bar at the Rovers to make it look as though Joan
was sat right there, enjoying a birthday drink.

Hope Joan likes her card , and hope she has a fab 65th Birthday

Thanks for stopping by my blog as always its much appriciated


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaqi. What a lot of fun. Fab card.
Regards Florence x

Anonymous said...

Love this card, it's really clevery the way you have done it...

Kazza said...

Very clever Jaqi. Fantastic idea of sitting Joan at the bar in the Rovers - you have done it perfectly.

This is brilliant , i love it !