Sunday, 19 February 2012

Full of Busy ........

Its been a strange start to the New Year , with being poorly , but ready or not it was my Daughters 18th Birthday this month.

As usual I made her card , and this year her icon Freddie Mercury helped with the theme.

I chose this image of a statue of Freddie which overlooks the sea as I thought the colours were fab.

On the inside a classic image of Freddie with his arm held high
which held 2 black ribbons pulling a silver 18 on the opposite page.
I used some of the new Tim Holtz tissue to line the page and give it the music feel.

In the very centre I stamped the gate and frence
the hearts and wings , and a quote .

Over the page a candlestick

I also made her a birthday cake, black.....but that suits her very well.

It was my intention to add a marzipan candlestick to the cake
but when it was finished I didnt like it so it didnt actually end up anywhere but the bin ....

Shes very grown up now, dont know where those last 18 years have gone

She had a lovely birthday although spent it quietly with her friends, shes not one for fuss.

And just thought id end this post with a picture of my little Granddaughter Edie , whose coming on a treat and is an absolute joy .

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, I have the morning off work today which is a change for me , but im back there this afternoon till 8pm.

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving any comments as always its much appriciated


The Scrapbook Garden said...

Hi Jaqi - how clever! Not only have you made a fab (and original) card for your daughter's birthday - that cake is great! Hannah is one lucky (and beautiful) girl! Little Edie is sooo cute too! Ann x

she3655 said...

Love your card, and the Cake, what can I say, it's stunning, Bet Hannah was really pleased with both..... Edie is so cute xx

Von said...

Jaqi blown away by your card such an inspiring idea go to the top of the class :)
Is Hanna a model ? such striking photos and Edie is a cutie
Von x♥x

Linda said...

OMG that card is amazing Jaqi...and the cake!
Your daughter is a beauty; what wonderful photos.

This is brilliant , i love it !