Saturday, 3 March 2012

An Anniversary, A Christmas and A Birthday

Any of you who visit often will know that as I am unable to send cards
to my Dad I make him a layout instead, a way for me to
acknowledge his memory anniversary , Christmas, Birthdays and Fathers Days etc.
With being busy and poorly around Christmas I didnt get the layouts done
on time for each occasion , this has left me having to make 3 altogether.
This one is for Christmas, although not a Christmas photo I used Christmas colours in the papers and a lovely photo of him taken in Seefeld whilst on holiday.

His lovely smile which was ever present

His love of birds, he used to breed them from being a
young boy and it was one of his hobbies.

I chose this piece of script as I felt it was perfect for him.

This next one is his birhday one.
His favourite singer was Shirley Bassey although he always
called her Birley Shassey.

This is one of my favourite photos of him , i have a copy
on my desk so I can see it whilst I work and craft.

The last one is for his memory anniversary.
I chose this picture as its a fab memory for me.
I was only about 9 or 10 and I got to go to a Ladies Night Dinner Dance
with my parents. All the ladies wore Evening Dresses
and mine was Lime green satin trimmed with white Ostrich feathers.
I had white leather soft shoes with a diamante buckle on the toe.
I even had an evening bag .
I was allowed to stay until 10pm ( which was late for me) and
my Grandfather came and picked me up.
The highlight of my evening was that I had been practising un be known to my Dad
how to waltz , so that I could dance my first waltz with him that night.

He was ever so proud , and I felt about 10 feet tall on the dance floor with my Dad.

I got to sit on the top table next to my parents
it was all very posh and I was the only child there .

That completes these layouts for my Dad until Fathers Day when I will do the next one.

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Hope you all have a nice weekend


Janet said...

Hi Jaqi,
Fabulous layouts of your dad.
Janet x

Von said...

More wonderful memories Jaqi :) beautifully presented

Marjo said...

Awesome Layouts! Yes my pirate is a

hugs Marjo

This is brilliant , i love it !