Wednesday, 11 March 2009

ABAA -Bookmark

This is my entry for ABAA which this week is bookmarks.

I used my favourite colour purple. The camera doesnt seem to be picking up the centre colour which is a peachy lilac , which turned out lovely as i was only mixing inks. I stamped on my handsome man.... then continued to layer the card with various shades of purple till I had the right thickness.

I added the fibres and then stamped on the quote, which was when I got cross with myself.....I should have done that first as I didnt get it quite straight, so it looks a bit odd. Maybe people will be too busy looking at the man to notice, hehehe.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Rosie said...

Gorgeous Jaqi! Love the purple and if you'd said the quote was deliberately slanted I might have believed you!! Thanks for being with us again.
Rosie ABAA

Linda said...

Oooh lovely Jaqi...could almost believe its DB, lol!!
Love those fibres - just gorgeous.
Linda xx

AliMayes said...

Lovely bookmark but it seems a shame to hide him in a book!!
Ali xx

Hannah - Mary P said...

I love this bookmark so much...I think I might steel the idea :D

LaY hOoN said...

This is gorgeous !! Love it .
Yes... must spend some time to do some bookmarks too :)

Denise said...

It's gorgeous Jaqi (the bookmark AND the hunk)Don't know how reading would get done ;) Is he up for 'adoption'?

Lynn said...

Love your bookmark Jaqi, I can see in the first photo the peachy shade you mentioned, love how it all flows together :)
Thanks for visiting me, I am a bit behind on return visits.
I just love the box you altered too in the post below, you do great work:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jaqi! Your blog and your work are looking great! Love It!!! - Lizi

This is brilliant , i love it !