Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bring me back down to earth...........

Well.....He may be a little older.....He may have grey hair these days......but believe me....David Essex still has what it takes to hold the audience in the palm of his hand.
Yesterday I took my daughter to the theatre to see "All the fun of the fair" a musical starring David Essex amongst many other good performers.
It was an amazing show that was worth every penny.
The show contained alot of his previous hits which sounded just as good as years ago, and he left the audience wanting more.
My daughter came home well and truly hooked, with a stage full of young performers she came home totally besotted with David Essex.
If you get the chance to go and see this show, dont miss it , you wont be dissapointed. Its the best Saturday afternoon ive spent in a long time.

A huge Thank you to David and the rest of the cast to a performance well done.


Denise said...

Not possible for me but I do like his music and it's great that you and DD had a wonderful afternoon.
Hugs Denise

June said...

Wow Jaqi, you lucky lady. I was soooo in love with the guy back in the good old days lol ... I still play lots of his music on Spotify. Its a free magical music site that if you are not a member you MUST get. You have to let me know as you need an invite and i have some. All the songs you aint heard forever and all songs for now too are available on it ... Ok i am not selling it lol.
Anyway i would love to see the show but bet it dont come near me
Hugs June xxx

This is brilliant , i love it !