Saturday, 4 October 2008

Church Autumn Sale of Work

Its that time of year again when the church is having its sale of work and we are trying to think of different things to make that we havent sold before.
I had a go at making these magnetic bookmarks to use up some of my ever growing mountain of scrap card. They seem to have turned out quite well. I was pleased with them although obtaining the magnetic strip was difficult until my friend came to the rescue. Now lets hope they sell !


Chriss Rollins said...

great idea Jaqi fingers crossed you sell loadzzz.
chriss x

Cookie Sunshine said...

I think these are wonderful. I hope you sell a lot of them. I'll be thinking about you and sending good wishes your way.


Chris said...

What a really great idea and all so colourful. Hope your sale goes well Jaqi :)
Chris xx

Mam said...

Jaqi, these are brilliant. I've never seen any like it before and think it is such a good idea. I'd buy one! Or a dozen!

Linda said...

Now thats a clever idea Jaqi!
Hope the sale goes well.
Linda x

Rosemary said...

This is such a good idea. I have never even thought of these.

This is brilliant , i love it !