Friday, 31 October 2008


Sam was over the moon to see Dottie today and they wasted no time catching up on everything that had been going on while Dottie had been away. They are busy working their way through a huge Pizza and wait for it.....a bottle of wine.
Seems like they are celebrating Halloween in style.


Denise said...

So delighted to see that Dottie is back with you and Sam! Waiting in anticipation!

Chriss Rollins said...

Can hardly wait to see what these 2 get up to.
but don't let her keep you up all night chatting. lol

chriss x

Chris said...

OH OH... this means trouble... and more tear wiping for me... I can see it coming!! I'm giggling already at the thought of it... hope you don't have too many hair raising moments Jaqi... errrrmmm but there again......... ROFL
Chris xx

Susan said...

Yay! Sam and Dottie are back together again! Can't wait to see what happens!!!

This is brilliant , i love it !