Monday, 6 October 2008

Ive been Tagged

I've been tagged by Linda Vincent,

So here are 5 random facts about me...
1. I once went to a party at Richard Bransons House on Oxford.
2. I can't eat celary, it gives me headaches.
3. I once made a lemsip for Scotty Moore when he had a cold (Elvis Presleys Guitarist).
4. My aim is to see my children & grandchildren grow up happy.
5. I once organised a conference for 4,685 police officers which lasted over 9 days. And everything ran smoothly.

Now I want to find out some things about you......

Nancy Torsen
Denise Mayson
Karen from Scrapz
Chris Rowe


Rosemary said...

Wow, these are some interesting random facts. Never knew people were allergic to celery and lemsip was introduced to me by a British friend with a terrible cold. The conference must have been so stressful.

You are quite the multi-talented lady.

Linda said...

Oooh I say...Richard Branson's! Now thats a house I'd like to see. And as for the conference - it must have been a wonderful feeling when it was all over!!
Love the Beatles ATCs - what a good idea to clip them together.
Linda x

Jaqi said...

It was a beautiful bungalow in Oxford with grounds to die for. The tree house in the garden was fabulous with a wonderful lake view and a stream running around the property with little boats on it. I had a truly memorable time whilst I was there. Jaqi x

Cookie Sunshine said...

ohhhh, did you get to meet Richard Branson? What was his house like? That is too cool!

Jaqi said...

I did get to meet him on more than one occassion, hes lovely and his house was idylic, fabulous bungalow in true english countryside style and his tre house is nearly as big, I will post some pics by the end of the week for you, Jaqi x

This is brilliant , i love it !