Sunday, 19 October 2008

To Sew or not To Sew

This is my entry for The Awfully Big Art Adventure challenge this week. The challenge was to make an arch with fabric. This takes me right out of my comfort zone TOTALLY.......I do not sew very well at all, my blanket stitch around the outside leaves alot to be desired, LOL , and the french knots that are holding the pink heart in place would make my Auntie Amalia ( who spent hours showing me these stitches when I was a child) turn in her grave........they look more like untidy running stitches......
I thought it best to file it in the bin and just pretend I hadnt done one hehehe, naughty I know but I feel its maybe better described as an example of how not to do it hehehe. Feel free to laugh at this example ......I am, LOL the best of it is its all stitched apart from the little quote which is glued on, quite appropriatly it says "unspoken words". I feel it is just the finishing touch it needed........In Geordie land we would say " Say Nowt" LOL


Linda said...

I don't know how you can say all those horrible things about it....I love it and I feel a need to protect it! lol!!!!
Seriously - I don't know what you're going on about; I think its rather gorgeous.
Thanks for putting yourself through torture for me and Rosie. We are impressed.

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this is fabulous.
Love all the sewing.
Amazing work.

magpie said...

OOh Jaqi how can you say that about your work... I love the colours for a start.. and you little quote has put the finishing touch.. I love your little arch..
I think it's just so nice that we all have a go each week I am addicted to this site. And meeting true blog friends

Sharon xx

Jaqi said...

Thank you really are too kind, sewing will never be my strong point but I tried hehehe, Jaqi x

Mam said...

Shame on you, little stinker! I love it! Please don't throw it away. (I have a terrible time with french knots, too!) Ididn't even SEW mine. It's all glued together!

Rosie said...

I'm so proud of you for having a go, even though you didn't enjoy it and don't even like the result! But that's not what I see - I think it's really interesting work, and I'm definitely impressed about the French knots (can't do them) and the fact that it's ALL hand sewn! Thank you for taking part Jaqi!

Chriss Rollins said...

Say then i have some thing to say..

Jaqi your arch is's indivdual and it's different...I love the BG and the colours...You did it and that is what counts more than anything.
I havnt even started mine...because like you it's outside my CZ.
Now go get it out of that BIN!!!
love a tryer.
chriss x

Chris said...

OH Nooooo don't put it in the bin Jaqi you did a grand job with your arch... you can send it to me and I will do a swap if it's causing your toes to
We are always sooooo bad at seeing the beauty in our own work but I think your arch is gorgeous. Love all the glorious colours you used and the little quote... AND you used ribbon too...which is hard for me to do cos I hate parting with it :)
Well done for having a go that's waht it's all about and you did great!! Haven't even started mine
hope you are well
Chris xx

Heather Robinson said...

I am definitely not laughing. I am applauding you for hand sewing. Bravo!! I think your piece is very lovely. Beautifully composed. Thanks for your very wonderful comments on my blog today.

joanne wardle said...

I like it, it looks like a beautifully wrapped gift

Jaqi said...

Thank you so much, I feel awful now, I think I need some lessons on not being critical of my own work so much then, you cant all be wrong, surely. Jaqi x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Jaqi ~ I am impressed with how much sewing you did! The side view closeup shows off the texture very nicely. Lovely colors too!

jay670120 said...

this is lovely so i agree with everyone else it looks like x

Susan said...

Looks like you're not getting any laughter, Jaqi, and plenty of encouragement! I officially add my own encouragement and delight at your creation! It's funny - nothing I make ever really turns out to match what I had in my mind, and maybe that's what happened for you - it looks great to me!!

Carol said...


I would never have known you didn't like it I too love the colors and sewing!


Dot said...

I think this is FABULOUS! And you did so well to step out of your comfort zone. Don't be so hard on yourself - it is lovely.

Believe me when I started stitching a few years ago I was hopeless (hope I am a little better now he hee).

Take care

Dot xx

Faye said...

Jaqi, I think it's beautiful. I also was taught sewing as a child. It didn't stick with me but my sister is a wonderful seamstress. I have found that glue can be used a lot in the place of sewing.

Please check out the award for you on my blog

This is brilliant , i love it !