Sunday, 6 April 2008

Creative Partnerships

I work for Creative Partnerships which is a government funded research programme. These atc's are made with a set of postcards that were designed using some images that children had created.
Creative Partnerships has given schools, pupils, teachers and parents the confidence to think bigbut most of all trust in our own and in our childrens creativity.


Remus-Adrian M. said...

Hello, Please enter on my blog Thank you very much!

Chriss Rollins said...

everyone can be creative we just need to allow ourselves 'ME' time to have ago, leave the rat race behind for a while sit down with our children and enjoy... leave the dishes and the dusting children wont remember their parents keeping a clean home but they will remember the time spent being creative with them.
chriss x

Jaqi said...

How very true, Theres not enough 'Me ' time nowadays. Its a shame really, Jaqi x

This is brilliant , i love it !