Friday, 4 April 2008

Very Serious

I love these old images, dont the women look so serious? I am always amazed that in most old pictures no one smiles! They always look so stern, Why I wonder, I would love to see an old picture with everyone laughing and having a real good time. So whilst looking though my captions I found this 'Uncontrollable Laughter' I knew it was perfect for this picture. Although the lady in the middle is showing a little bit of a cheeky smile!


Chriss Rollins said...

these ladies look to be part of the womens guild sort of thing... jam making etc.. a big change from the Calendars they bring out today... lol
but know what you mean.
have you been to bed...
when i went to bed very late i had checked your blog and you hadnt posted..
did you get my email i sent you last night?
chriss x

Jaqi said...

I cant sleep at the moment....can you tell. Jaqi

Linda said...

You are going ATC crazy!
There's no stopping you now.
Love this one.

This is brilliant , i love it !