Sunday, 13 April 2008

Flower Fairies

While sorting out in my sewing box I came across some Flower Fairy scraps that I once used in Hannahs bedroom when she was young. She had a huge fire surround but the fire had long since been blocked up. So where the fire was , it was just bare plaster. I got my dad to cut me a peice of plywood and i painted it matt black. I then sat for nights on end cutting out all these little flower fairies and pasting them onto the board to make a collage. When finished I varnished it to seal it and we popped it into place, from a distance it just looked like a very colourful board until you got up close and then you could see all the tiny little fairies. Hannah was just young at the time and she used to sit for ages and look at them all, there must have been hundreds of them on it. I kept what i had left in a packet, so no doubt you will now see the odd one on an atc.


Chriss Rollins said...

nice memories soon they grow up she is a young lady now.
chriss x

Linda said...

Thats a lovely story Jaqi, and I really like that quote.Are those Angelina fibres on the heart?
Linda xx

Chris said...

Gorgeous Jaqi and I bet that image board of your DD was fabulous. I would have loved it as much as she did cos I adore fairies :D

Jaqi said...

I have an old fashioned firescreen which I did something similar with cherubs. Although I left the fairy one in the house when it was sold I can take a photo of the firescreen and post it for you to see. It will be later in the week tho as its now at my mams house. Jaqi x

This is brilliant , i love it !