Thursday, 17 April 2008

Faulty Rub -ons

I had to put this little man inside a slide mount! It was originally a rub on, that wouldnt rub on! Ive asked a few of you but if anyone has any tips about what to do if they wont rub on. I think im just going to have to put up with it and come up with alternative ways to attach them, its a shame as they were lovely images.


Linda said...

Hi Jaqi - I've found it depends upon the paper you are rubbing on to - some are better than others. If the paper has a softer surface, the rub-on sometimes just lifts the surface away without sticking properly. Try out different papers and see which are the best.
Linda xx

Chriss Rollins said...

its a bummer when that happens... i have noticed it with certain brands.. and have wasted a lot of rubons...and because i have had them a while didnt feel i could send them back so i would cut them out and atached them with glue.
unusual atc lovely colours.
chriss x

Chris said...

Wow you've been busy Jaqi and how!! Gorgeous yummy atc's. I have the same problem with rub-ons and it drives me nuts. So much so that I don't buy many any more !! If you find out a way to do them in an easy way let me know :D

This is brilliant , i love it !