Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cute Little Dog

How cute is this little fella, I just couldnt resist making this one (at 1.30am this morning!) He looks good on a card too and you can add a party hat and put some other presents around him, or some bones or paw prints. Good for dog lovers and for kids cards.


Mary said...

I love the little dog, I scrapbook when I have time and yes the cleaning gets in the way as well as my real little dog. Where did you find this? I am always looking for something to use for my little Scotties pictures.

Jaqi said...

It was on a card that my friend recieved for her birthday, she thought it was a handmade card and it turned out to be a bought one, I took the card to bits and made a template for it. If you email me you address i will put a copy in the post for you. Jaqi

This is brilliant , i love it !