Monday, 21 April 2008

Latest efforts

A bit dissapointed this weekend, after I managed to do my recycled atc, I just seemed to be struggling to get them right. Nothing seemed to go according to plan. I had alot of ideas which just didnt seem to turn out the way I wanted them too.
I suppose there will be times like this ......its just very frustrating. Nevermind, onwards and upwards!


Denise said...

Oh dear, I think sometimes we are our own worst critics! And don't worry we all have our 'off' days when nothing seems to go the way we want!! Your cards are lovely BTW!!

Linda said...

Well I think they are great Jaqi - and I LOVE mine! Thank you!
Linda xx

MammyT said...

Is "Fall" your recycled one? I like it. Love the "Sale", and couldn't get the messeage of "determined". Your doodle doos are very fun. I can see your sense of humor. Nancy

This is brilliant , i love it !