Sunday, 6 April 2008

We flew away in a teacup!

I love this saying 'We flew away in a teacup', this picture is another designed by a child. What a lovely thought to be able to just do that!
How can you really measure a students increased self - confidence, their higher self - esteem and that they have a renewed interest in learning. When he was evaluating a project one student said "It made my school feel alive" Another during the second day said " This is how education should be, isnt it , Miss?"
(Quotes from ICT Co ordinator , Brannel School, Cornwall on the CP project 'Watch this Space')


Linda said...

Its nice to see work done by children again - I miss that!

Jaqi said...

Have you ever heard about Creative Partnerships? The results in the attitudes are mind blowing, Children become confident to teach things to adults and family members , its a joy, Jaqi x

This is brilliant , i love it !