Friday, 6 June 2008

Along came BOB and BILL

Well lucky for Dottie , Bobs BROTHER Bill loves the Carpenters , so he started singing along......
Bob heard him and asked him what on earth he was doing.
Of course when Bill stopped singing Bob could here Dottie singing.
The boys got in their trucks and went to investigate.
Well when they got to the table Bob was shocked. Bill asked who Dottie was and Bob told him he didnt have time to explain , but he needed Bills help, Bill agreed and they got to work.
They tried standing on the roof of the trucks but they couldnt reach up high enough.
Bob thought it best to get the safety net just in case, Dottie was quite high and he didnt want to explain to Sam if things went wrong.
Bob shouted up to Dottie to jump into the net.....but Dottie said " No way"
Bob got the rest of the gang together to help with the net, this was going to be a challenge, but a young ladies life was at stake , so he carried on.

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This is brilliant , i love it !