Tuesday, 3 June 2008

News update!

Screams were heard at 6.30am this morning, atc club member Jaqi Wright awoke to hear quite a commotion going on. " I was awoken by screaming, I knew at once it was my house guest Dottie, but i could also here a calming voice, re assuring Dottie she would be fine" Jaqi said. " I quickly ran downstairs to find a crowd had gathered on my crafting table.....they were all rooted to the spot ,gasping at what was before their eyes".
Crowds gathered quckly as reports that a rescue was taking place.
One on looker said " I think its all under control, the guy in charge seems to know what he is doing, Ive seen him in action before"
"We dont seem to be able to get near to the scene at the moment but we will continue to update you as soon as we can" stated the reporter
One on looker pointed out the small empty bed, where Dottie had been sleeping..........

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This is brilliant , i love it !