Wednesday, 4 June 2008

First we went to see the Shields ferry, The ferry landing is just along from the Customs House and it brings alot of people over from North Shields to both shop in South Shields and also some of our customers at the Customs House use it to get across the river.
A Shields Ferry - either the Pride of the Tyne or the brand new Spirit of the Tyne - operates across the River Tyne between North and South Shields ferry landings every 30 minutes in each direction. The crossing takes about seven minutes.
Both boats are also available for private hire and used for river trips along the Tyne on some Sunday afternoons in the summer.
Dottie wanted to ride on it but i explained i dont do water very well, it scares me. She was satisfied and was happy to visit somewhere else.

Next we visited the weebles on the sea front.
Their real name is "The Conversation peice".
Created by acclaimed Spanish sculptor, Juan Munoz in 1999. The 22 bronze life size figures command a superb view of South Shields harbour and the Tyne Piers, while greeting visitors from land and sea. They converse with each other, with those that come to meet them and in turn become the subject of conversation. Each figure weighs approximately a quarter of a tonne and stands 1.5 metres high.
Dottie was well impressed with these guys, but commented that they didnt have much to say for themselves. She made me laugh, she blew out her cheeks and was wobbling around....I would have taken a photo of her but to be honest i was laughing that much the camera was shaking so badly you wouldnt have been able to see, next stop Heathers house it was her birthday and we had to take a card.

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Denise said...

How delightful! Dottie seems to be having a wonderful time and keeping you on your toes! Thanks for sharing her story!

This is brilliant , i love it !