Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Heathers House

We arrived at Heathers with her birthday card and she had a skip outside her house, Heathers just moved into this new house and the builders are busy doing work for her. Dottie was straight up on the side of the skip , looking inside.....I had a flash back to ysterday and grabbed her quick before she fell in. No fireman Sam at Heathers house so I thought it best to get her inside quick. For a little lady she sure has lots of energy and she is really inquisitive.
Heather had a big chocolate cake for her birthday and Dottie wasted no time tucking into it.
After she had eaten half the cake, I thought we should be getting home to see what her suprise was from Fireman Sam.


Chris said...

OMG... I've just caught up with all of Dotties antics Jaqi and I almost pee'd my pants!! How totally, totally FUNNY. You are going to be sad when she goes home but I think you will be in need of a well deserved rest!!! ROFL
Hope she gave you one of those lush looking chocolates and didn't eat all of them herself :)

Jaqi said...

No Chris, Dottie ate the lot, I was very good and only had a small peice of cake.
Im exhausted, she certainly can get up to alot for such a small girl! LOL Jaqi x

Louly said...

LOL, yes we believe you Jaqi!
Some people think I based Dottie on myself....I don't know what they mean!

This is brilliant , i love it !