Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Investigations continue as Drama unfolds

News just in is that houseguest Dottie awoke this morning while Jaqi was still asleep. Dottie got out of bed and didnt have anyone to talk too. On looking up she noticed one of Linda Vincents dolls hanging at the top of the crafting cupboard. Being a chatterbox dottie thought it would be ok to climb up and talk to the doll.
It appears that Dottie soon became out of her depth and started screaming for help.
Onlookers gathered and someone rang for Fireman Sam. Bob the builder saw Sam dashing passed and decided to follow in case help was needed. Just as well he did.
Bob got out the safety net while Sam wasted no time in going up the cupboard on the ladder extention.
Sam tried to get Dottie to jump into his arms, but alas Dottie was so scared she kept her eyes tight shut. Sam used his extensive training to coax Dottie into his arms. The crowd all held their breath, as Sam gently lifted Dottie to safety, Sam held on tight, Dottie still with eyes tight shut prayed she would be back on the ground soon.
As the ladder slowley made its descent the crowd cheered.
Polly Flinders an eye witness said " Oh Dottie was in safe hands, Fireman Sam is very brave and takes everything in his stride"
The investigation continues.....


Chriss Rollins said...

pooooor Dottie what an adventure she had this morning... so glad it ended with her safe in the arms of fireman Sam.
might try that one myself if i can end up in the arms of a fireman...lol
cant wait for her next diary entry or any breaking news... why do i feel that there will be more excitement ahead.
love to Dottie
chriss x

Louly said...

Wow this is getting intense! Edge of you seat drama now. I think Dottie would be a good stunt woman!

This is brilliant , i love it !