Thursday, 26 June 2008

Meet Cobbles................

When I was the Deputy Theatre Manager at the Customs House I wanted to try and develop the audience, of our younger visitors. I asked my boss Ray if it would be possible to have some money to create a mascot for the Customs House. My plans went before the Board and were granted. This is the result and heres the story I wrote to launch my Teddy Bear..............

Recently a DFDS ferry ship came into the river Tyne.
Helping out on board this ferry ship was a large brown bear.
Once the ferry ship had docked the bear decided to take a look around the town of South Shields.

Taking his kit bag with his belonging's he left his ferry ship and headed towards the town. His friends on board the ferry had told him to go to see the Town Hall and visit the market place, maybe he could stop off at McDonalds for his lunch.

He was impressed with the sights of South Shields, the Town Hall was very big with lots of people going in and out. Everyone was friendly towards him; children waved as he walked down King Street towards the familiar McDonalds sign that everyone knows. He bought his lunch, which he put inside his kit bag and headed towards the water and his ferry.

The market place was very busy, people rushing all over, buying fruit and vegetables , clothes, shoes and toys.
He sat at the market place watching the people; they were all buying their shopping and chatting to each other as they walked around. It was a lovely sunny day and he didnt notice that he had spent more time looking around than he should have done.
Realising that he needed to get back to the ferry he picked up his kit bag and headed towards the quay.

On arriving at the quayside he became very worried when he saw that his ferry wasnt there ! He looked around to see if he had taken the wrong road and maybe he had returned to the wrong part of the quay, but he hadnt. As he looked out to sea he was shocked to see the ferry sailing away without him.

What could he do now? All of his friends were on that ferry, his bed was on the ferry, all of his clothes too. All he had with him were a few belongings in his kit bag. He opened his kit bag and took out a large white handkerchief. Big tears rolled down his cheeks, as he wiped them away he felt really lost.

He sat on the quayside and watched as the ferry got smaller and smaller, and until finally it was out of site. He blew his nose on his big white handkerchief and wondered what he should do now.
Where would he sleep? Who would be his friend? What would he do for clean clothes? Who would help him now?

He sat there for a long time, it was starting to get dark, but he couldnt move away from the quayside as he didnt have anywhere to go.
He was so cold and frightened that he didnt here the footsteps walking up behind him. A voice said "Hello, can I help you?" " Are you lost?" The bear turned around to see a policeman standing behind him. He was smiling; the bear was so pleased to see a friendly face. The bear told the policeman what had happened that day and the policeman said he knew just what to do.

The policeman took the bear to the Customs House. Here was a place where the bear could always watch the sea from the window, and he could watch for his ferry returning. He would be loved by all the staff at the Customs House, and they would look after him until his ferry returned.
Lots of people visit the Customs House, people of all ages but most importantly lots of children. The bear loved children as they always had big smiley faces, and they always waved when they saw him. There would be lots to do and see here at the Customs House.

The bear now lives there at the Customs House and he is very happy. The people who work there look after him. Maybe one day you might see him, maybe you could be his friend, I think he would like that .....don't you ?

Jaqi Wright


Kaz Scrapz said...

Fantastic story Jaqi - I bet everyone who meets Cobbles falls in love with him. xx Karen

Jaqi said...

They do, hes over six foot, and very soft and cuddly. But he will always be my baby.......
Hes not used very much now, and only makes the odd appearance. Sometimes appearing in the yearly pantomine. Jaqi x

Chriss Rollins said...

thanx Jaqi I enjoyed that :)) and I am sure the children did too.
thanx for sharing with us.
chriss x

Linda said...

Oh Jaqi, that was lovely! And what a great idea, you clever girl!
Love Linda xx

Denise said...

What a delightful story! He sure looks cuddly!

Mam said...

Great story. He must be so impressive in person! I'd love to see him. Did you ever see "Bear in the Big Blue House"? It was a kids' show on our PBS several years ago. He reminds me of him very much. Micha called him "Big Blue in the House" when he was small.

Jaqi said...

I watched bear in the big blue house for weeks to get the movements etc off to a tee. Bear in the big blue house was a huge inspiration for Cobbles, who got his name from the old cobbled streets around the Customs House where i work. He is a beauty, combing him is very long task tho. but he is amazing. Glad you liked the story, Jaqi x

This is brilliant , i love it !