Monday, 2 June 2008

Welcome Dottie

A big Welcome to Dottie,
We must apologise for the late entry in the Diary.....Dottie was exhausted and fell asleep on her new bed after a busy day.
Well Dottie arrived this morning in such a fluster! She explained to me about all the filming that she had been doing for the photo shoot and she was so excited.
She sat down on her new chair to tell me all about it. I knew by what she said I was in for a rare treat tonight when it was all shown on Chriss's Blog.....
Turns out that she came away in such a rush that she left her case behind and was in such a fluster. Knowing that we had to get to work this morning I thought it best to have a business suit ready for the ocassion, didnt want Dottie to feel under dressed when she accompanied me to work. She was so excited and said she was ready for the days events to begin....


Chriss Rollins said...

Just cannot wait for the next entry into your diary.
hope you girls are having fun.
suitcase on its way.
miss u already dottie but you are in good hands i just know it.
ps love that new outfit you are wearing

Louly said...

Enjoy your stay Dottie!

This is brilliant , i love it !