Friday, 6 June 2008

The tale begins

Well heres me thinking it wasnt Friday the 13th until next week!
I had to go to the chiropodist this morning and I was going to take Dottie with me but, Oh no she wanted to stay and play on her bike!.
Sam was away , not sure where and she pleaded with me that she was only going to be here for a few more days and she wanted to stay. Well who could resist those little eyes? Mind , what I didnt see were the devil horns!
I told her no climbing and she had to stay away from the stairs.
Well apparently I had only been gone a few minutes when she found herself in a situation! to say the least.
Not taking any notice of what Sam had said about going fast, she thought while the flat was empty she would race around the sitting room. Well , she was going so fast and heading straight for the leg of my tall table! she was unable to stop!...Kept on going....right up the leg....till she was stuck at the top!

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This is brilliant , i love it !